How Could the Flat Earth Theory Exist and How Did It Develop?

Jul 4, 2023 11:03 WIB
How Could the Flat Earth Theory Exist and How Did It Develop?

The flat earth theory has been around since humans became curious about the universe. However, the issue now is that there have been numerous studies about outer space and advancements in supporting technologies, including artificial satellites that have captured images of the Earth from space. Nevertheless, the flat earth theory still persists despite these advancements.

Throughout the centuries, we have studied the world around us, and one of the fundamental aspects is the shape of the Earth.

As we learn in school, the majority of people worldwide accept that the Earth is round, like a sphere or geoid, based on strong scientific evidence.

However, a small group of individuals still hold an alternative view known as the “flat earth” theory. Here, we will explore more about the existence of this theory and understand how it has developed.

What is the Flat Earth Theory?

In short, the flat earth theory is a group of individuals who believe that the Earth’s shape is flat. Yes, flat.

In detail, the Flat Earth Theory is an alternative view stating that the Earth is a flat object and not round as widely accepted based on current scientific knowledge.

According to this theory, the Earth is believed to have a flat shape, like a plate or disc, with the poles at its center and an ice wall surrounding its edges.

Flat Earth believers hold the belief that evidence supporting their views has been hidden by governments, scientific institutions, and educational establishments, which are sometimes referred to as the “Global Elites.”

They believe that the common view of the Earth’s round shape is part of a global conspiracy involving multiple parties to control knowledge and information.

Some common arguments put forward by flat earth believers include:

  1. Visual observations: They argue that humans do not perceive motion or see curvature on the Earth’s surface in their daily experiences.
  2. Moon landing: Flat earth proponents often doubt the moon landing, claiming that the existing photos and videos are fabricated.
  3. Gravity’s equivalence: They argue that Newton’s theory of gravity cannot explain why all objects are not pulled towards the center of a truly round Earth.
  4. Alternative modeling: Some flat earth proponents attempt to build alternative models to explain natural phenomena, such as lunar eclipses and changes in day and night.

However, it is essential to note that the flat earth theory contradicts the scientific consensus supported by strong evidence from various research fields. Visual evidence from space, intercontinental flights, GPS navigation, lunar eclipse observations, and many other scientific disciplines all support the view that the Earth is round.

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How Do They Exist?

There are various factors underlying the existence of the flat earth theory, and it has even gained traction in countries known for their advanced astronomical knowledge, such as America.

Theories like the flat earth can emerge and persist in society due to a combination of the following factors:

1. Skepticism Toward Authorities

Some individuals may have a skeptical attitude toward governments, scientific institutions, or educational establishments.

They may feel that there are efforts to hide the truth or control information. Such skepticism can open the door to accepting alternative theories, including the flat earth theory.

2. Rapid Information Dissemination

With the advancement of technology and widespread internet access, information can quickly and easily spread to various communities. This allows theories like the flat earth theory to rapidly attract attention and gain followers.

3. Online Communities and Social Support

Social media and online forums provide spaces for communities that believe in alternative theories to gather, interact, and support each other.

Such communities can provide a sense of camaraderie and emotional support to their members, which may reinforce beliefs and influence the growth of the community.

4. Curiosity and Interest in Controversy

Some individuals may be drawn to theories that are controversial or considered taboo by the general public. They may feel challenged to explore different perspectives and seek arguments and evidence supporting these theories.

5. Misunderstanding or Misinterpretation of Science

Some individuals may have a limited understanding of scientific methods, empirical evidence, and the existing scientific consensus. They may be more receptive to arguments based on intuition or personal views rather than relying on strong research and scientific evidence.

It is essential to remember that the existence of alternative theories does not change the existing scientific consensus. Science continues to evolve based on research and independently verified evidence, and the current scientific view supports the concept of the Earth being a spherical object.

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